Technologist, lean evangelist, chaos monkey and Chief Technology Prevention Officer. Loves good coffee, hanging around on ropes and driving about in cars

Whether you’re a big company looking to move fast or a small startup growing your team, size really does matter.

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Jeff Bezos, of the Amazon, is famously (if unreliably) credited with coining the two-pizza rule. This rule states that any team should be well-fed with only two pizzas, and is intended to imply that small teams are more effective than larger ones.

As someone who is both a little obsessed…

The Foundry in Sheffield, UK. The first place I ever put hand on rock. Well, plastic, really.

Five years ago I discovered rock climbing. To be precise, I discovered ‘indoor climbing’ with a group of work colleagues. It was one of those team building events where we were taken to do challenging things in the hope that we would become a ‘high performance team’.

Whether we became…

Business technology is often unloved — email, laptops, finance systems and sales tools just don’t feel as important as building a great product. But getting business tech wrong will cost money and may even kill your business.

A slice through Ridley’s Opinonated Tech Stack

Why do I care about Business Tech?

As a CTO, I spent many years of my career worrying about how…

I was recently fortunate enough to have lunch with a new colleague and as we idly shared tapas and chatted about work, I accidentally let one of my dirty secrets slip.

Some conversation topics can have a stigma attached to them, like admitting that you’re a grown adult who still…

Mark Ridley

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